Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

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Mitsubish Electric Accredited Installer

We are pleased to announce that Watson Environmental Engineers has been awarded Accredited Installer status by Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning.

This has been based upon our commitment to provide quality Installation, Commissioning and Aftercare standards as well as Health and Safety and CSR principles. This also means that end-users and specifiers can automatically expect a professional level of service and support giving them peace of mind in their decision making.

As an Accredited Installer we are able to offer extended warranty of up to 5 Years on New Equipment Installations.

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Summers Here!

With summer threatening many people are turning their Air Conditioning onto Cooling for the first time and this inevitable brings with it problems. Usually smaller systems will show evidence of refrigerant leaks in the summer months – indoor coils freezing up and of course there is the obligatory water leaks.

Water leaks are usually caused by poor Maintenance. Indoor units are not cleaned correctly during the winter months causing dirt to dry out and block condensate drains and lines. Of course there are occasions when a failed condensate pump will be the culprit, however with a Planned Maintenance regime in place both of these could be avoided or at least preempted.

Ventilation plant should also be checked. If filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly, Indoor air quality will be compromised. Seasonal debris such as pollen, leaves and Insects is at its highest levels during these times and it is vital that the filters are replaced regularly to ensure optimum filtration efficiency and air quality.

So, should you have a system which has not been Maintained recently give our service line a call on 07429 437092.

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Increased Service Levels

Due to increased pressure from our current client base, we are now pleased to offer Service & Maintenance cover for Refrigeration equipment.

We were constantly being asked if we could look at refrigeration equipment whilst on site. Therefore it only seemed right to take on board our customers requests.

So, if you have refrigeration equipment Including Cold Rooms, Commercial Fridges or Cellar Cooling then do not hesitate to call our 24Hr Service Line on 07429 437092.

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Did You Know?

Air Conditioning equipment also heats too using highly energy-efficient heat-pump technology, which consumes up to 80% less power than most other forms of electric heating.

Substantial reductions in heating costs and major energy savings can be achieved using the lataest heat pump technology.

Please contact us for further Information and to arrange a free site survey.

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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

We are able to visit your premises and carry out a detailed Inspection of your Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems. Following our visit we provide a report together costings for the recommended remedial works.

We were recently asked to attend a site where the client was concerned the Air Conditioning was not Heating sufficiently. Upon inspection of the systems it was found that the filters were blocked and the systems in generally poor condition due to lack of maintenance.

We carried out a maintenance visit resulting in all the systems being cleaned and disinfected and ultimately being far more energy efficient and reducing the running costs of the systems.


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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2013.

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Cellar Cooling Systems

We have recently been involved in the replacement of a number of cellar cooling systems within sports and social clubs. This has been due to either the existing systems failing or because of the increased running costs of the old equipment.

Cellar cooling is a very important piece of equipment and without it revenue can be lost due to beer being lost or the customer not being happy with their pint!

Time after time we see that the systems have been neglected, with no maintenance regime in place. Without maintenance, energy consumption of a single split type system can increase by upto 60%. This icreased cost of running the equipment could be more thanfour times the price of an annual maintenance contract.

So the sooner a planned maintenance contract is implemented the sooner they will save money.

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Samsung VRF Installation

We have recently completed the installation of a new Samsung DVM Plus IV VRF system within an office. The system comprised of 8 no. fan coil units and 2 no. Heat recovery units with DX coils. The system was a 3-pipe heat recovery system allowing for simultaneous heating and cooling.

The heat recovery units extract warm stale air from the offices and the heat used to temper the incoming fresh air. The units incorporate DX coils, which will automatically maintain the correct fresh air temperature.

All of the indoor units are controlled via a central touch screen controller which is very user friendly.

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Air Conditioning Efficiency

Many of our customers think back to the dark days when air conditioning was expensive and they certainly couldn’t make hot air too.

Well the world changed recently and now many customers – including domestic customers are using their Air Conditioning to supplement the heating in their house for fast, efficient heat.

Watson’s owner, Mark Watson recently said at his BNI group,

Air conditioning systems are greener and quieter than they used to be. Air Conditioning plant is also a heater too using highly energy-efficient heat-pump technology, which consumes up to 80% less power than most other forms of electric heating.

You can achieve substantial reductions in your heating costs and major energy savings.

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