Summers Here!

With summer threatening many people are turning their Air Conditioning onto Cooling for the first time and this inevitable brings with it problems. Usually smaller systems will show evidence of refrigerant leaks in the summer months – indoor coils freezing up and of course there is the obligatory water leaks.

Water leaks are usually caused by poor Maintenance. Indoor units are not cleaned correctly during the winter months causing dirt to dry out and block condensate drains and lines. Of course there are occasions when a failed condensate pump will be the culprit, however with a Planned Maintenance regime in place both of these could be avoided or at least preempted.

Ventilation plant should also be checked. If filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly, Indoor air quality will be compromised. Seasonal debris such as pollen, leaves and Insects is at its highest levels during these times and it is vital that the filters are replaced regularly to ensure optimum filtration efficiency and air quality.

So, should you have a system which has not been Maintained recently give our service line a call on 07429 437092.

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